Rose Avenue Bali; A Pastel Pink Haven

Like most people when I travel to bali, I love to walk past the endless shops in Seminyak and just have a little squizz to see what is on offer. It’s not very often i will fall madly in love with a store because face it, it really just feels like your looking at the same stuff rose avenue 2constantly but then I found Rose Avenue. Now if you love pastel pinks, rose gold trimmings, cute pillows and small decor for around the house, then this is your store! They had a small upstairs area as well with decor for kids bedrooms ( I was wishing i had a kid at this point!).

I could have went absolutely crazy in there BUT I had to think of Justin and make sure I do not make our bedroom any more feminine than it already is. I made another quick stop there today for the second time to make sure there was nothing else I was needing!. Now this store is not exactly cheap, I do however feel that everything in there is worth what it is priced. I also spotted a Gooseberry Intimates store that I must check out.

I may be a little late discovering this little gem but for those of you that have not heard of this store, go check it out on your next trip to Bali!

Address : B Oberoi No.44, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

rose avenue 5

rose avenue 3.jpg


rose avenue 4






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How Time Flies…

As I sit here with my chia and fruit toast I thought “it’s been a while since my first post”.

This blogging stuff is harder then I thought, trying to get the time to write a blog can be hard, especially when you love to watch your favourite cheesy reality TV shows and Making A Murderer, which is defiantly a must watch ( if you haven’t heard already).

I have had a positive three weeks, for the most of it anyways…

Work is slightly stressful BUT I have just booked our European holiday for winter in November-December this year! I am beyond excited (and slightly anxious) already! I have already started looking at wanting to buy big coats and beanies so I can be snug as I look up at MT Matterhorn with snow top peaks in Switzerland, frolicking around at Disneyland at the greatest time of the year and sipping mulled wine at the Christmas markets! Oh and the amazing Christmas Windows at Harrods in London!


Our trip looks a little something like this:

Perth -> Rome -> Switzerland -> Amsterdam -> Paris -> London -> Glasgow -> Dubai -> Home Sweet Home!

I would love to fit in Ireland but we will see how we go!

Now I’m on the hunt to find a good camera to capture all of these moments, I have always wanted to do a photography course but more for landscapes, I don’t think this is something I can afford to do this year but it’s defiantly on the bucket list!

This month I have also have seen the new movie “The Revenant”! This move was absolutely amazing, after watching the movie I decided to read about how it was directed and filmed, this is a must watch and you will appreciate it even more once you know what Leonardo DiCaprio and the Actors went through to accomplish this absolute masterpiece! (Leo will win an Oscar this year!)

I’m also very proud to say that my mum is on her way to quit smoking, which I think is absolutely amazing! 🎉🎈

Well that was a couple of the highlights of my month, nothing extravagant but my goal is to try and post every one to two weeks to make my content consistent.

My next post will be about my experience at The Cosmetic Institute, so keep on the look out !

Enjoy your Sunday 😉

Sharnee ❤️



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