Zermatt – My Favourite Place On Earth

We set a flight on airline Alitalia from Rome to Zermatt, Switzerland on the 1st of December, which we had to also take two trains  to reach our final destination. All of this travelling kept me in such suspense of what was awaiting behind the snow capped mountains. The train rides were so beautiful i literally stared out the window the entire time, it was breathtaking! When we arrived this small little ski town exceeded my expectations from the moment i step up on their beautiful little streets (which do not have cars).

We arrived at dusk after a 8 hour day of travelling to walk down a beautifully lit street with christmas lights covering the wooden/log style chalets. I felt like i had just stepped into a Christmas Village, I was instantly in love and I knew from that moment I wouldn’t want to leave after the two nights that awaited us. We took a five minute stroll to our hotel from the train station and we were warmly welcomed by the owner; Boris of our Hotel Walliserhof Zermatt 1896, which as you may have guessed has been running since 1896 as a family owned business. Little did we know the place finished renovating and re-opened that exact day that we set foot into this beautiful hotel! Our room was decently sized and which there was not many rooms which gave it that quaint vibe about the whole place.  http://www.walliserhof-zermatt.ch,




Eating in Switzerland

Each morning you would come down to the restaurant area and spread out would be freshly baked bread, homemade jams, egg and bacon freshly cooked and even a waffle maker to make fresh waffles! It honestly was the best hotel breakfast and I wouldn’t of asked for anything better.

At night the Restaurant, Theodors Stuba opened at 6:00pm which had some swiss traditional dishes which we had to try. We had a meat fondue which consisted of thinly sliced pork,veal and beef which you use fondue forks to dip into boiling hot water that cooks your meat and once your meat is cooked you dip the meat into a range of sauces and condiments to try all the different flavours. Also on a seperate night we  tried out the classic cheese fondue which was to die for!!



We hadn’t originally planned to go skiing due to the cost but once we got into the small ski village we decided that we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to ski on one of the most beautiful places in the world. The skiing for both Justin and myself for the day totalled around $700.00 with ski and clothing hire as well as a personal instructor for three hours! The Matterhorn was more mesmerising than I would have ever thought. At least i had an amazing view while I made a fool of myself learning how to ski with our instructor which he kept calling me princess haha ( I wasn’t that bad). I soon got the hang of it and we took a few videos and photos to remember one of the most incredible days! We followed our ski day with a hot chocolate at a beautiful cafe on the main street and did some shopping for some Christmas decorations. Overall the experience was well worth every dollar (AUD) spent.



Overall our trip to Zermatt was worth the long train rides and all the money spent! The accomodation set us back $437.00 for two nights, i would highly recommend giving this place a visit but please be aware this little town is not cheap but you will walk away with the most beautiful memories as well as meeting some of the most friendliest people!

Where have you travelled in Switzerland?

Next stop Paris! Stay tuned,

Sharnee xoxo

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Let’s Get Halloweeny

I can not believe it is October…

I bet your sick of hearing that. Everyone is in shock that we are coming around to the end of the year already. However I could’t be happier about this, we are approaching into the best couple of month of the year. Christmas decorations have now filled the shops and our holiday is getting so close, we now only have one month and twenty days (its quite obvious I am counting down the days). But before we get ahead of ourselves there is one more part I love about this time of the year, October and Halloween!

Now we Australians don’t celebrate this holiday as the Americans do but I still can’t help but try get into the Halloweeny spirit!

These are a few of my favourite things… about Halloween:

  1. Spiced pumpkin candles flickering in the background giving off the most amazing crisp smells.
  2. The very best of TV comes out with marathons of horror films, The Simpson halloween specials and my all time favourite halloween movie, Hocus Pocus.  All while sitting with a bowl of candy and popcorn!
  3. Themed decor to deck your room out to create an escape from reality.
  4. You tubers and their Halloween themed videos.
  5. The fact that it is almost the Christmas season!!

I would love to experience halloween in America, I don’t know if we will ever get around to it but it is on the bucket list! We did have plans to go out on an interactive horror experience here in Perth but we are already doing a zombie experience in London when we travel in December so we decided to skip that this year and hope it is still around next year!

Though no matter what you do and don’t celebrate, I hope you have an exciting and positive month ahead and if you need me you’ll find me snuggled up with popcorn and a good horror film.






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