Welcome to Disneyland, the most magical place on earth!

Welcome to Disneyland, the most magical place on earth! I had been waiting for this day all of my life and it was finally here.

Here is a little recap of our time spent in the magical world of Disney.

As it was Christmas the hotel and the park was completely draped in everything Christmas. I was completely in my element, I felt like I had been taken back in time and I was a kid again. This place was like a dream come true, I wish every kid could experience Disneyland as it is so magical.

As we stayed in a Disney hotel we got an extra hour of magic in the morning before the park opens. But don’t be fooled as there is obviously a lot of people staying at the Disneyland hotels so you do have to queue for a little to get in the park. The perk though is there is no where near as many people for the first hour.

Every morning it was a brisk -1 degrees, as soon as we stepped out our two layers of socks felt soaking wet but we tried to not let that dampen our spirit so we would head straight for the rides.  You are completely immersed when you are on the ride, it makes you feel like you are in the movie itself, it all just brings it back to the fact that it is so magical.  The Haunted House was my favourite ride in Disneyland, it was so detailed and as the name says you really do feel like you are in a haunted house.

You also have the Walt Disney Studio Park next door to Disneyland where it was more of a Movie World style vibe. I could not tell you which ride was my favourite as I have to admit this park was more of a ride oriented park and I feel it had more thrills, I absolutely loved it. I am glad that both parks have a different vibe as I feel each day felt different and not as though you are repeating the day before.

Now for our accomodation, we paid $1700.00 for three nights which came with a dinner voucher for the three nights that we stayed to go to any restaurant  of our choosing. A lot of people told us how expensive this was but at the end of the day it is an experience and I felt like it took a lot of stress out of this part of our holiday as it was so close to the parks and we could go out shopping in the Disney Village. The next time we go to Disneyland which will most likely be in America, I’ll defiantly be staying at the Disney accomodation as it really was worth every dollar spent.

The one down side about these parks is as they are so busy at lunch it is impossible to get something to eat, the queues were huge so I found that we had to book a table at the restaurants a couple of days in advance as well as dinners. I am glad we went in the low season, even though it is Christmas there wasn’t as many crowds as there would be in Summer when it is warmer.

The most magical part of our time was the fireworks at the end of the day near the castle, they play like a twenty minute Christmas themed movie of all the different Disney films that really tug on your heart strings, it was absolutely incredible.

I feel incredibly lucky to have had the chance to spend 3 nights here and it was defiantly a highlight but at the end of it I was ready to move onto London and I could not wait to stay in one place for one week and really delve into a city.

If your looking at heading to Disneyland, check out their website.

Disneyland Website

Goodbye Disneyland, I hope we meet again,

Next stop London…




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Paris was not what I expected….

We arrived in Paris on the 3rd of December after multiple train rides that took around 7 hours. The train systems are so easy to use and this was something i was very nervous about but I have to be honest it is very relaxing watching the scenery fly past.

We stepped off our train at 4:00pm and had to meet our group at 6:00pm for an amazing night ahead. The traffic was horrendous and our taxi driver just dropped us off in the middle of all these people and had to try and find our hotel while lugging around our luggage, we defiantly looked like tourists. We were staying at the Citadines Les Halles which was $245.00 for the night but the location was so convenient and it was a small apartment style room with a little kitchen.

We quickly got our shit together, i put on some new clothes, fresh make up and we were out the door.

Firstly we had a dinner cruise on the Seine River where you were seated by yourself with your partner/family so you had privacy. I honestly thought we would hop on a fairly average boat to have a normal dinner but I was defiantly wrong about that. The boat was amazing with glass all around so you could see all the sights while having your dinner. The waiters were attentive and impeciably dressed. The river cruise was about and hour and a half which was perfect, seeing everything at night was just that little bit more magical.

We then moved on to the Eiffel Tower, we decided to go to the highest floor which you had to wait in line for on the 2nd floor for about 30 minutes in the freezing cold because it was so windy up there. Once we got up there we had a quick look and went back down, it was way too cold. I enjoyed looking at the Eiffel Tower from afar rather going up it as I feel the beauty in it for me is the way it looks. We were given around an hour and a half which was perfect, however i feel like in peak season you may be rushed and unable to go up to the highest level in that time due to wait times.

It was about 11:00pm when we set off for the Moulin Rouge, I was so cold that when I got into the bus I just fell asleep. I was still feeling jet lagged and we had not stopped since we landed in Europe, it all started to catch up on me so I had a little nap which reset the batteries! We had a bottle of Champagne and sat with two lovely couples, one couple were from San Fransisco which the guy was very successful and did frequent trips to Europe for Business. They love kite surfing and are actually coming to Perth as they had heard its one of the best places to Kite Surf, I also recommended that they scoot on up to Geraldton (my home town) as I’ve heard it is also great for Kite surfing. The night was full of amazing costumes and enough boobs to last you a life time haha! It went from 11:30pm to 1:30am, once it finished I had quiet a lot of energy and I could of almost explored the nightlife but I knew we had a big day ahead as we were setting off to Disneyland for three nights. So I saved my energy and went home and literally fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I booked our tour through Viator and it cost us $750.00 for two people, it may sounds steep but we had such a lovely experience and it was relaxing knowing that you didn’t need to organise to get around to each activity.

We did a small amount of exploring the next day in Paris but we did have limited time. Originally Paris was somewhere I was not looking forward to due to the attacks that had happened over the past year but as soon as I got there I felt so relaxed, the vibe in Paris is just amazing. The buildings are just so elegant, especially the ones we passed on our river cruise. I really did fall in love with Paris and next time I will defiantly stay for longer.

Next stop, Paris Disneyland! A dream come true…..

View from our hotel the next morning.


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