Rose Avenue Bali; A Pastel Pink Haven

Like most people when I travel to bali, I love to walk past the endless shops in Seminyak and just have a little squizz to see what is on offer. It’s not very often i will fall madly in love with a store because face it, it really just feels like your looking at the same stuff rose avenue 2constantly but then I found Rose Avenue. Now if you love pastel pinks, rose gold trimmings, cute pillows and small decor for around the house, then this is your store! They had a small upstairs area as well with decor for kids bedrooms ( I was wishing i had a kid at this point!).

I could have went absolutely crazy in there BUT I had to think of Justin and make sure I do not make our bedroom any more feminine than it already is. I made another quick stop there today for the second time to make sure there was nothing else I was needing!. Now this store is not exactly cheap, I do however feel that everything in there is worth what it is priced. I also spotted a Gooseberry Intimates store that I must check out.

I may be a little late discovering this little gem but for those of you that have not heard of this store, go check it out on your next trip to Bali!

Address : B Oberoi No.44, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

rose avenue 5

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Goodbye Summer….

Most people dread the end of summer, they miss the feeling of the sun kissing their skin, the long sunny days with cold drinks and friends, Sunday sessions and the beauty of a clear blue sky!

Living in the Swan Valley is a lovely area for the warmer months of the year with your unlimited options of winery’s, the Margaret River Chocolate Factory and restaurant to indulge in, Mandoon Estate being a new favourite of mine. Mandoon Estate is the perfect place for a casual lunch with the family or a special dinner for two, it also has a little art gallery which is a nice touch! I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in Perth! There may be a lot to do around such a beautiful area, but I am so excited to say goodbye to summer.

imageLinton and Kay Gallery

I can’t wait for the cold Sunday mornings with my cups of tea in bed and having an excuse to do nothing but listen to the rain pelting against the roof and reading a good book. Warm bathes with the endless amounts of Lush products, candles lit with warm scents filling the air.  I am in my element in winter, the cosy rugs, fleece Peter Alexander pyjamas, the slow cooked meals that fill the house with the most delectable smells. I must admit though it is a struggle to get out of bed for work in the morning and I tend to watch endless amounts of movies and TV shows at that time of the year.

I honestly think I need to move to a country where it snows so I can really take in the true essence of winter ( i wish). I’m even happier to know that I get two winters this year as we take off to Europe in December.


Unfortunately winter is another few months away but to kill the time we have an abundance of public holidays and Easter just around the corner. My love of candles and Easter have come together at Dusk and couldn’t help but pick myself up some goodies, as well as buying some scented candles that remind me of the cooler months ahead. I don’t feel that there is a better feeling then walking into a home where candles are burning, they tell a storey and give out certain vibes into your home.

imageDusk Burnt Sugar and Bergamot Scent Candle and 6 Pack of Lace eggs with Display Plate

Regardless of the weather, Here’s to enjoying everyday wether it be social days with friend of cosy days in bed. Hope you all had an amazing long weekend.

❤️Sharnee xoxo

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