We have 160 days until Christmas….. and how do i know that? Well I have a countdown on my phone, thats how!

As you may or may not already know I LOVE Christmas and even though the real Christmas is still a few months away, I just had to take advantage of the fact that it is Christmas in July here in Australia. I personally don’t know anyone who celebrates it but i endeavour to start in the next coming years, most likely when I have my own house and I can go decoration crazy without annoying everyone else I live with.

This brings me to the whole point of this blog today and that is CHRISTMAS MOVIES! Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed Foxtel showing a lot of tv shows with their Christmas specials for example; The Simpsons, Family Guy and Two and a Half Men. Since then I now feel I have a legitimate reason to pull out the Christmas films, especially as it is cold and is the best time to curl up with a hot drink and watch Tim Allen do what he does best!

So in no particular order I am going to tell you my Top 5 Christmas Films of all time….

1. The Santa Clause – A movie about an every day father who causes Santa to fall off his roof, Charlie his son and himself decide to finish off the delivery and return to the north pole only to be told that he is now the new Santa and he must come to terms with this himself and convince the ones around him that he is Father Christmas. This is a trilogy and I also love the other two!

2. ELF – Buddy, an elf from the north pole discovers his true identity (that he is a human) and embarks on an adventure to meet his father in New York. Starring Will Ferrell who makes this movie so funny and enjoyable!

3. Christmas with the Kranks – When two parents are finally alone for Christmas they decide to skip Christmas and go on a cruise, until their daughter surprises them with a call on the day of Christmas Eve to let them know she’s on her way home for Christmas, this creates a series of hilarious events and shows the chaotic side of Christmas!

4. ┬áThe Night Before – ┬áThree best friends have a tradition of reuniting and spending the night of Christmas Eve together. After 10 years they are spending one last year reliving this tradition after they feel its time to leave it behind and make way for the new changes in their lives. This movie is amazing, it is one for the adults so I wouldn’t go watching this with your kids and it is so funny.

5. Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas – This films consists of three short films that just warm your heart, anyone that grew up with Disney films and magic will appreciate this movie! There is also “Mickeys Twice Upon a Christmas” which is the same concept and is just as amazing!

Watching these movies take me away from the seriousness of life and that is why I love them, I have fond memories and watching these movies keeps those memories alive after all these years. I hope you give some of these films a chance when the Christmas season arrives and can create your own memories, I know these will be a part of my Christmas tradition when I have a family of my own one day.