I Fell In Love With London



Oh London!

How I wish that I could live abroad for a year, this would be the place that I would choose.

We arrived in London after a 2 hour (I think) trip on the Eurostar. We arrived in the afternoon and by 4:30pm it was pitch black outside. We stayed at the Citadines in Trafalgar Square, these were apartments which was perfect as it wasn’t too small, however there is a high price you pay when you stay so central but I wouldn’t of changed it for the world! We stayed for six nights and this cost $1900.00. I had my eye on this hotel for months and originally it was $2400.00 however after the Brexit the price plummeted  by $500.00 over a one week period, I am so glad I waited!

On our first night we walked to Oxford Street which took us about 40 minutes but it was so well worth it as the streets were lit with Christmas lights and just walking around somewhere new is always exciting. I would much prefer to walk if it is an option then to drive everywhere, which we learnt the hard way one night when it took us an hour to get 10 minutes down the road. We straight away went into John Lewis which was gorgeous and had the most amazing Christmas displays in their windows. We then went to Marks and Spencer and River Island where we bought some amazing coats and of course our Christmas Jumpers! We finished the night at Pizza Express and that was one of the best decisions, you have to try their garlic dough balls. My mouth is literally salivating at thought of them!

London had so much to offer, just from our walk on our first night I knew we were in for a great week! This blog would go FOREVER if I individually listed everything we did and went into detail so I might just do some individual blogs for the activities. However this is a list of what we did while in London.

  • Zed Events Zombie Mall Experience – OH MY GOD, it is frustrating trying to explain how AMAZING this was, i was the only girl and we had grown men shitting themselves. This experience is so real and goes for 2.5 hours, Justin and I have already agreed that we are going back to London just for this experience. The cost was $200.00 per person.
  • Lords – The Home of Cricket   – This was surprisingly amazing, my highlight was that we got to see where the queen sits when she watches a game. We then had lunch in the Lords Tavern which was such a great way to end the tour. $30.00 for the 100 minute tour.
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour The Making of Harry Potter – I don’t think I need to say much for this, the experience was amazing and seeing all the props they used in the movie was surreal. Loved every minute of it and we just had to walk out with a wand each. The butter beer was one thing I must say I wish I didn’t try haha. If you do wish to try the butter beer its best to pre book this before the day. Tickets are $65.00 per person.
  • Hyde Park Winter Wonderland – Well this was just magical, ice skating with my man, had my first experience of mulled wine and went on a five looped roller coaster, I was defiantly in my element. FREE entry however experiences in the park cost and its best to pre-book.
  • Arsenal Stadium Tour – Self guided audio tour, this was okay. This is something that you would appreciate more if your a soccer fan or just a sports fan in general. The cost was $35.00 per person.
  • London Dungeons – This experience really educated me on the dark history of London, however I did not find this scary in the least especially after doing the Zombie Mall Experience. It was quiet funny though and I think it’s a great way to gain knowledge while having fun – $30.00 per person for about 90 minutes if I remember correctly.
  • Jack The Ripper Tour – This Ripper tour is the best one out there. I felt uneasy the whole time and our guide knew so much, he has also created his own book which you can purchase at the end of the tour. We defiantly tipped him and I was not shy at looking at the photos of the women that were murdered (as morbid as that sounds). It’s so interesting and sad to know that these women died and no one has ever been sentenced for these gruesome murders. Cost is $20.00 per person for 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • Hamleys – This place is heaven on earth, we are big kids at heart so having seven floors of different toys was so joyful and I hope that I one day can take my future kids here. As this is a store there is no entry fee but bring some cash with you to buy one of your favourite toys from your childhood.
  • Madame Tussauds – I have previously been to Maddam Tussauds in Singapore but we just had to go to the one in London as they had a section for Star Wars and seeing real life replicas of Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes was a highlight. The tickets are quiet expensive at almost $50.00 per person and it can be very crowded.


When we weren’t doing the above we were indulging in food,hot chocolate and browsing the streets of London and shopping like there was no tomorrow. We ended up sending some of our stuff back to Australia while we were there to try and get more room in our suitcases.

I miss you London and if we weren’t building a house I would be booking a trip back to you this Christmas. London defiantly stole my heart and I am intending to visit again in the next few years.

Next stop on our journey is the beautiful seaside town of Brighton, stay tuned (I promise it won’t take me 4 months this time).

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Welcome to Disneyland, the most magical place on earth!

Welcome to Disneyland, the most magical place on earth! I had been waiting for this day all of my life and it was finally here.

Here is a little recap of our time spent in the magical world of Disney.

As it was Christmas the hotel and the park was completely draped in everything Christmas. I was completely in my element, I felt like I had been taken back in time and I was a kid again. This place was like a dream come true, I wish every kid could experience Disneyland as it is so magical.

As we stayed in a Disney hotel we got an extra hour of magic in the morning before the park opens. But don’t be fooled as there is obviously a lot of people staying at the Disneyland hotels so you do have to queue for a little to get in the park. The perk though is there is no where near as many people for the first hour.

Every morning it was a brisk -1 degrees, as soon as we stepped out our two layers of socks felt soaking wet but we tried to not let that dampen our spirit so we would head straight for the rides.  You are completely immersed when you are on the ride, it makes you feel like you are in the movie itself, it all just brings it back to the fact that it is so magical.  The Haunted House was my favourite ride in Disneyland, it was so detailed and as the name says you really do feel like you are in a haunted house.

You also have the Walt Disney Studio Park next door to Disneyland where it was more of a Movie World style vibe. I could not tell you which ride was my favourite as I have to admit this park was more of a ride oriented park and I feel it had more thrills, I absolutely loved it. I am glad that both parks have a different vibe as I feel each day felt different and not as though you are repeating the day before.

Now for our accomodation, we paid $1700.00 for three nights which came with a dinner voucher for the three nights that we stayed to go to any restaurant  of our choosing. A lot of people told us how expensive this was but at the end of the day it is an experience and I felt like it took a lot of stress out of this part of our holiday as it was so close to the parks and we could go out shopping in the Disney Village. The next time we go to Disneyland which will most likely be in America, I’ll defiantly be staying at the Disney accomodation as it really was worth every dollar spent.

The one down side about these parks is as they are so busy at lunch it is impossible to get something to eat, the queues were huge so I found that we had to book a table at the restaurants a couple of days in advance as well as dinners. I am glad we went in the low season, even though it is Christmas there wasn’t as many crowds as there would be in Summer when it is warmer.

The most magical part of our time was the fireworks at the end of the day near the castle, they play like a twenty minute Christmas themed movie of all the different Disney films that really tug on your heart strings, it was absolutely incredible.

I feel incredibly lucky to have had the chance to spend 3 nights here and it was defiantly a highlight but at the end of it I was ready to move onto London and I could not wait to stay in one place for one week and really delve into a city.

If your looking at heading to Disneyland, check out their website.

Disneyland Website

Goodbye Disneyland, I hope we meet again,

Next stop London…




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Zermatt – My Favourite Place On Earth

We set a flight on airline Alitalia from Rome to Zermatt, Switzerland on the 1st of December, which we had to also take two trains  to reach our final destination. All of this travelling kept me in such suspense of what was awaiting behind the snow capped mountains. The train rides were so beautiful i literally stared out the window the entire time, it was breathtaking! When we arrived this small little ski town exceeded my expectations from the moment i step up on their beautiful little streets (which do not have cars).

We arrived at dusk after a 8 hour day of travelling to walk down a beautifully lit street with christmas lights covering the wooden/log style chalets. I felt like i had just stepped into a Christmas Village, I was instantly in love and I knew from that moment I wouldn’t want to leave after the two nights that awaited us. We took a five minute stroll to our hotel from the train station and we were warmly welcomed by the owner; Boris of our Hotel Walliserhof Zermatt 1896, which as you may have guessed has been running since 1896 as a family owned business. Little did we know the place finished renovating and re-opened that exact day that we set foot into this beautiful hotel! Our room was decently sized and which there was not many rooms which gave it that quaint vibe about the whole place.  http://www.walliserhof-zermatt.ch,




Eating in Switzerland

Each morning you would come down to the restaurant area and spread out would be freshly baked bread, homemade jams, egg and bacon freshly cooked and even a waffle maker to make fresh waffles! It honestly was the best hotel breakfast and I wouldn’t of asked for anything better.

At night the Restaurant, Theodors Stuba opened at 6:00pm which had some swiss traditional dishes which we had to try. We had a meat fondue which consisted of thinly sliced pork,veal and beef which you use fondue forks to dip into boiling hot water that cooks your meat and once your meat is cooked you dip the meat into a range of sauces and condiments to try all the different flavours. Also on a seperate night we  tried out the classic cheese fondue which was to die for!!



We hadn’t originally planned to go skiing due to the cost but once we got into the small ski village we decided that we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to ski on one of the most beautiful places in the world. The skiing for both Justin and myself for the day totalled around $700.00 with ski and clothing hire as well as a personal instructor for three hours! The Matterhorn was more mesmerising than I would have ever thought. At least i had an amazing view while I made a fool of myself learning how to ski with our instructor which he kept calling me princess haha ( I wasn’t that bad). I soon got the hang of it and we took a few videos and photos to remember one of the most incredible days! We followed our ski day with a hot chocolate at a beautiful cafe on the main street and did some shopping for some Christmas decorations. Overall the experience was well worth every dollar (AUD) spent.



Overall our trip to Zermatt was worth the long train rides and all the money spent! The accomodation set us back $437.00 for two nights, i would highly recommend giving this place a visit but please be aware this little town is not cheap but you will walk away with the most beautiful memories as well as meeting some of the most friendliest people!

Where have you travelled in Switzerland?

Next stop Paris! Stay tuned,

Sharnee xoxo

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A Very Lush Christmas

Well hasn’t it been a while since i last typed away…..

I hope you have been well and getting into the Christmas spirit just as I am.

It has been so hard not to go and buy everything in the shops right now, once the decorations hit the stores I am like a marketers dream. The vibe just pulls me in BUT I have to admit i have been really good. A couple of Santa mugs and most importantly a few recent Lush purchases!

I love Lush all year round but I have to admit I get particularly drawn in when they have their seasonal products because one; they are extremely cute and two; they always have my favourite scents. Unfortunately though I find baths are not as tempting in Australia around this time of the year as I like my baths warm and I literally boil as soon as I lay in the bath, so i tend to use my products very slowly.

These are my top three that i have picked up this year.

The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar – A spicy, sparkly golden wand placed on a cinnamon stick with a cute red bow and bell. Place under the running tap to create a sea of amazing cinnamony smelling bubbles! The best part is that you get multiple uses out of it, so it is well worth the price!

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar – I literally can’t explain how good this smells! I was running a bath for my nieces and as I was crumbling this under the running water my hands became like silk from the shea butter.  So go ahead and create a sack full of bubbles with the ultimate Christmas bubble bar.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb – Santa’s cute little carved face was the reason i bought this bath bomb two years ago and has been a favourite of mine since. Your bath will turn into a vibrant Christmas tree green as it fizzes around your bath. This was my nieces favourite, she demanded she wanted one for christmas and i defiantly won’t say no to taking another trip to lush for her (and maybe for myself).

I also bought the Christmas Penguin and Butter Bear. Unfortunately there were a few others that I wanted to try out but they were out of stock. I may buy them over in the UK so that i can relax after a chilly day of exploring.

On that note, I am intending to write a blog on each city we visit which is now only 8 days to go!!

I hope you all have a very Lush Christmas….

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Christmas In July? Top 5 Christmas Movies.

We have 160 days until Christmas….. and how do i know that? Well I have a countdown on my phone, thats how!

As you may or may not already know I LOVE Christmas and even though the real Christmas is still a few months away, I just had to take advantage of the fact that it is Christmas in July here in Australia. I personally don’t know anyone who celebrates it but i endeavour to start in the next coming years, most likely when I have my own house and I can go decoration crazy without annoying everyone else I live with.

This brings me to the whole point of this blog today and that is CHRISTMAS MOVIES! Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed Foxtel showing a lot of tv shows with their Christmas specials for example; The Simpsons, Family Guy and Two and a Half Men. Since then I now feel I have a legitimate reason to pull out the Christmas films, especially as it is cold and is the best time to curl up with a hot drink and watch Tim Allen do what he does best!

So in no particular order I am going to tell you my Top 5 Christmas Films of all time….

1. The Santa Clause – A movie about an every day father who causes Santa to fall off his roof, Charlie his son and himself decide to finish off the delivery and return to the north pole only to be told that he is now the new Santa and he must come to terms with this himself and convince the ones around him that he is Father Christmas. This is a trilogy and I also love the other two!

2. ELF – Buddy, an elf from the north pole discovers his true identity (that he is a human) and embarks on an adventure to meet his father in New York. Starring Will Ferrell who makes this movie so funny and enjoyable!

3. Christmas with the Kranks – When two parents are finally alone for Christmas they decide to skip Christmas and go on a cruise, until their daughter surprises them with a call on the day of Christmas Eve to let them know she’s on her way home for Christmas, this creates a series of hilarious events and shows the chaotic side of Christmas!

4.  The Night Before –  Three best friends have a tradition of reuniting and spending the night of Christmas Eve together. After 10 years they are spending one last year reliving this tradition after they feel its time to leave it behind and make way for the new changes in their lives. This movie is amazing, it is one for the adults so I wouldn’t go watching this with your kids and it is so funny.

5. Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas – This films consists of three short films that just warm your heart, anyone that grew up with Disney films and magic will appreciate this movie! There is also “Mickeys Twice Upon a Christmas” which is the same concept and is just as amazing!

Watching these movies take me away from the seriousness of life and that is why I love them, I have fond memories and watching these movies keeps those memories alive after all these years. I hope you give some of these films a chance when the Christmas season arrives and can create your own memories, I know these will be a part of my Christmas tradition when I have a family of my own one day.






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How Time Flies…

As I sit here with my chia and fruit toast I thought “it’s been a while since my first post”.

This blogging stuff is harder then I thought, trying to get the time to write a blog can be hard, especially when you love to watch your favourite cheesy reality TV shows and Making A Murderer, which is defiantly a must watch ( if you haven’t heard already).

I have had a positive three weeks, for the most of it anyways…

Work is slightly stressful BUT I have just booked our European holiday for winter in November-December this year! I am beyond excited (and slightly anxious) already! I have already started looking at wanting to buy big coats and beanies so I can be snug as I look up at MT Matterhorn with snow top peaks in Switzerland, frolicking around at Disneyland at the greatest time of the year and sipping mulled wine at the Christmas markets! Oh and the amazing Christmas Windows at Harrods in London!


Our trip looks a little something like this:

Perth -> Rome -> Switzerland -> Amsterdam -> Paris -> London -> Glasgow -> Dubai -> Home Sweet Home!

I would love to fit in Ireland but we will see how we go!

Now I’m on the hunt to find a good camera to capture all of these moments, I have always wanted to do a photography course but more for landscapes, I don’t think this is something I can afford to do this year but it’s defiantly on the bucket list!

This month I have also have seen the new movie “The Revenant”! This move was absolutely amazing, after watching the movie I decided to read about how it was directed and filmed, this is a must watch and you will appreciate it even more once you know what Leonardo DiCaprio and the Actors went through to accomplish this absolute masterpiece! (Leo will win an Oscar this year!)

I’m also very proud to say that my mum is on her way to quit smoking, which I think is absolutely amazing! 🎉🎈

Well that was a couple of the highlights of my month, nothing extravagant but my goal is to try and post every one to two weeks to make my content consistent.

My next post will be about my experience at The Cosmetic Institute, so keep on the look out !

Enjoy your Sunday 😉

Sharnee ❤️



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