Let’s Get Halloweeny

I can not believe it is October…

I bet your sick of hearing that. Everyone is in shock that we are coming around to the end of the year already. However I could’t be happier about this, we are approaching into the best couple of month of the year. Christmas decorations have now filled the shops and our holiday is getting so close, we now only have one month and twenty days (its quite obvious I am counting down the days). But before we get ahead of ourselves there is one more part I love about this time of the year, October and Halloween!

Now we Australians don’t celebrate this holiday as the Americans do but I still can’t help but try get into the Halloweeny spirit!

These are a few of my favourite things… about Halloween:

  1. Spiced pumpkin candles flickering in the background giving off the most amazing crisp smells.
  2. The very best of TV comes out with marathons of horror films, The Simpson halloween specials and my all time favourite halloween movie, Hocus Pocus.  All while sitting with a bowl of candy and popcorn!
  3. Themed decor to deck your room out to create an escape from reality.
  4. You tubers and their Halloween themed videos.
  5. The fact that it is almost the Christmas season!!

I would love to experience halloween in America, I don’t know if we will ever get around to it but it is on the bucket list! We did have plans to go out on an interactive horror experience here in Perth but we are already doing a zombie experience in London when we travel in December so we decided to skip that this year and hope it is still around next year!

Though no matter what you do and don’t celebrate, I hope you have an exciting and positive month ahead and if you need me you’ll find me snuggled up with popcorn and a good horror film.






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My Lip Injections Experience

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I am onboard for cosmetic surgery and enhancements. I think its great that we can play with the way we look and most things are not permanent which is great. This is my experience…

At the start of the year I decided to get lip fillers as I found whenever i smiled my top lip almost disappeared. So I did some research and had heard amazing reviews about Bramis! On the day of my appointment I was understandably nervous, I do not like needles and I also hate the feeling of being numb! When I arrived I immediately felt comfortable, the lady doing my procedure knew exactly what i wanted without me even having to say so. The two things I wanted to achieve were to give the impression that my mouth was narrower and the top lip with a bit more volume as well as evening out the bottom lip with the top lip. After our consultation we decided to only go with 0.5ml as I did not want it to be overly noticeable.

Firstly my lips were numbed with a special cream. We then started to put the injections into several areas of the bottom and top lips, I could not feel a thing. The only time i felt a tiny pinch was when the middle of the lip was being done as this is apparently the most sensitive area. I swear it was over within a couple of minutes! It was then that I was given her Facebook page to send through photos of my progress or any concerns which I thought was absolutely amazing service! Obviously your lips are swollen so they do look bigger then they actually are (which I liked) and the numbing wore off after 45 minutes. I had minimal bruising only in two spots which was surprising as I have very sensitive skin. I was instructed to massage the lips to break down the filler so they looked more natural and so the filler settled in better ( as far as I can remember). The areas in which the filler goes in does become lumpy as that is where the needle is inserted, that did freak me out for a little bit as it gives you the impression your lips are lumpy but that subsided after a couple of days.

After a few days and the swelling surpassed I noticed that there was a ridge on my top lip, I contacted my consultant and she advised me to come in and get a top up. This was something I was explained in my initial consult and has nothing to do with the person injecting as it is just the way my lips are, in your appointment they can only do so much as you can actually overfill the lips and that can cause issues.

After visiting the second time and having a small amount of filler injected into the problem area they were perfect!!! I felt they were so natural and I am so pleased with how long they have lasted. I am going back in the future to get a top up as the filler received is only suppose to last around 6 months but it is all depending on your body at the end of the day, I think your metabolism plays apart in this? I’m not entirely sure though. The 0.5ml cost me $250.00 and a ml was about $450.00. Overall my experience was amazing and it did not hurt one bit. The only thing I must say is when looking at getting enhancements of any kind please make sure that you are mentally ready and that you are doing these things for yourself (at the end of the day though you can do it for whatever reason you like, it’s your life after all!) as if your doing something for someone else that doesn’t like/love you for the way you are then they are so not worth it and you can go out and find someone who values you without that stuff!! Never feel pressured to change the way you look because of someone else! Do it for you and remember you are still beautiful with or without it!

P.S Here are some photos,I was silly and never took before and afters but I have a few selfies that show the difference. The quality of these photos are shocking! If you want to see more photos head over to sharneh93 on Instagram.

Lip injections preview


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Bali Reflections..

As I sit here typing, I am listening to the amazing live band that is down by our pool area after a candlelit buffer dinner…. while I am getting bitten by mozzies.

All Seasons Dinner'

Sunday evening i said goodbye to Justin for five nights, we have not been apart for this long in years, so for me I still had a little sob when saying goodbye. Part of it came from not knowing how my anxiety would cope without the one person who seem to be able to calm me and the other half was knowing i was sleeping on my own for the next 5 nights.

Our flight was smooth, until we landed…. the pilot commanded that we were to keep our seat belts fastened as security was coming on board the plane. We then had six airport security come onto the plane and everyone by this point are absolutely pooping themselves, half of us thought there may have been someone found on the plane to be dangerous (of course I was thinking worse case scenario). The security then escorted a lady off the plane, she had been smoking in the toilets during the flight. Nice start to our trip!

We stayed at the All Seasons Legian, which I absolutely love. The room rates are so cheap but you still get quality, some areas were a little run down from when I last visited two years ago but I still felt everything was clean and the beds/ pillows are so comfortable! I ended up having an amazing asleep considering I was worried I would be anxious by myself.

Unfortunately the first couple of days my mood was very somber,  I love spending time with my family but I couldn’t help feel like something was missing and that was Justin. Over these couple of days we discovered some amazing shops throughout Seminyak and some great cafes to take my mind off of Justin. After a couple of days had past, I finally loosened up and started having a much better time. My mood was much brighter, the smallest things began to put a smile on my face. There is nothing better then waking up to the sounds of mopeds on the streets and that warm, balmy feeling of the Bali sun on your skin when you step out of your hotel. I started to love every hello you receive as you walk down the street every morning to go exchange more cash to spend more money.

Over out stay we had a few favourites when dining out, every morning we went to a Cafe called Bella Vista in Legian, amazing coffee and lovely people. We also love to dine out at Mozzarellas in Legian, the menu is long and has something for everyone. We also had  a special dinner at Ku De Ta, this is not a cheap place to eat but is the same pricing as what you would spend in Perth but a lot nicer!

During our stay we had a lot of overcast days and periods of rain, our last full day was absolutely beautiful, the sun was shining and the pool was welcoming and all I wanted to do was sip on icey cold drinks. When it gets too warm I would duck into the All Seasons Spa for a balinese massage. When we visited Bali back in August 2014 there was never any cloud cover, so my next trip I will be planning to visit around August again. Bali is great either way but I do enjoy when the sun is out a little more then the gloomy clouded days.

Travelling to Bali feels like a home away from home but there are certainly parts of Bali that can defiantly make me feel down, being unable to brush your teeth using the tap water (it is even harder with Invisalign) and in particular the Bali dogs that are in very bad condition. I try and do my part by donating or buying food for them. I also wonder what its like to live the life of the balinese but then I remember something, we westerners live a very lavish lifestyle and the balinese live a much simpler lifestyle, they may have things harder then us in ways but in life “things” or materialistic objects are not what is important, its how you treat people. I always walk away from Bali not thinking about how little they may have compared to us but how they are the most beautiful and kind people  I have ever met .

This is my 4th trip to Bali and every time I have come here I’ve done it in a different way. I have learnt that it could be very easy to see the negative side to coming to Bali but when I look at the positive they most certainly out way the negative.

Time and time again, Bali steals my heart.

P.S It is now Monday and its my last day of holidays (Noooo)! Our plane on Friday ended up being delayed for 2 and a half hours, I was feeling very unwell and the flight its self was terrible (lots of crying kids and two people had a full argument right on take off). Oh well, glad to be home.

Bali Streets


Bella Vista




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Cottage Tea Room Review

Well it’s been two months since I have wrote on my blog. I really did underestimate how hard these are to keep up with. I was finding the reason why i have not been posting often is because I was doing everything on my iPad which for me was quiet painful as i didn’t have a keyboard to type and everything took ten times longer ( I know first world problems). So after some thinking i decided to go and buy my first macbook, it was easier to make this decision once they brought the 12 inch macbook out in ROSE GOLD, my absolute favourite colour of all time! So here I am typing my first blog in a while and it’s ten times more enjoyable, listening to Drakes new album that I’m obsessing over!

Yesterday it was Mothers day as we all would know from everyones spiels on Facebook. As my mum lives in Geraldton i didn’t get to spend the day with her which is unfortunate but Justin and myself decided to take his Mum and Gran out for a high tea at the Cottage Tea Rooms in Swan Valley. Every time I drive past this little cottage my heart melts, the outside is just gorgeous, little tables with umbrellas and a vintage bike that create a beautiful theme before you even enter the inside of the cottage.

CTR outside

We booked about three weeks in advance as I knew a place like this would be fully booked for Mothers day as it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon sipping English Breakfast tea with the special ladies in your life. We were lucky to get a seperate room, it wasn’t loud in the other rooms but it was nice to have your own privacy. The room was filled with handmade quilts, beautiful teddies and nicknacks to fill the house with and the high tea was served with beautiful China. There was a great selection of savoury and sweet and the SCONES WERE TO DIE FOR!! We had an hour and a half for our booking which was more then enough time for a good catch up.The girls who were looking after us were lovely and bubbly which made you feel as though it wasn’t just a great place to eat but the people whom worked there enjoyed there job.

CTR Teddys

The only negative thing i could say about the day which wasn’t any fault of the staff at the cottage tea rooms, was that we were getting a couple of photos and this lady who also was dining at the Cottage Tea Rooms barged into the room without saying “excuse me” started looking at the stuff for sale in the room, pushing past our chairs, to be honest that was a bit awkward but unfortunately you will always get rude people where ever you go.

CTR CupBut lets end the blog on a positive note though shall we, I would highly recommend the Cottage Tea Rooms and would be a lovely surprise if your wanting to take your Mum, Daughter, Bestfriend or Girlfriend out for a lovely afternoon tea. Even for a small party, after all i feel that high tea is a more intimate gathering where you can catch up on all things light hearted and deep and meaningful.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and I look forward to blogging more frequently!


Cottage Tea rooms Me





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