I have seriously been MIA recently. I have had a lot going on personally, good and bad and I have also been transferring my blog from a WordPress blog to a self hosted WordPress blog. This has been very time consuming and harder then I thought but I got there and I am happy I gave it a shot.  For any of you that are bloggers and looking at going to a self hosted blog, i used Hostgator. There is a small fee for running your own site but you have less limitations on what you can do. I also purchased my layout from http://www.bluchic.com.

I would extremely appreciate it if you could give me any feedback if your looking through the site and see any glitches or weird stuff going on. I am not really a fan of how my site looks through the mobile site but I do love the Desktop version much better!

I have to admit I have been glued to my Mac for the past 7 hours tweeking things so I am going to sign off and relax for the rest of the afternoon.

Have a great and positive week ahead!

Sharnee xoxo