As I sit here typing, I am listening to the amazing live band that is down by our pool area after a candlelit buffer dinner…. while I am getting bitten by mozzies.

All Seasons Dinner'

Sunday evening i said goodbye to Justin for five nights, we have not been apart for this long in years, so for me I still had a little sob when saying goodbye. Part of it came from not knowing how my anxiety would cope without the one person who seem to be able to calm me and the other half was knowing i was sleeping on my own for the next 5 nights.

Our flight was smooth, until we landed…. the pilot commanded that we were to keep our seat belts fastened as security was coming on board the plane. We then had six airport security come onto the plane and everyone by this point are absolutely pooping themselves, half of us thought there may have been someone found on the plane to be dangerous (of course I was thinking worse case scenario). The security then escorted a lady off the plane, she had been smoking in the toilets during the flight. Nice start to our trip!

We stayed at the All Seasons Legian, which I absolutely love. The room rates are so cheap but you still get quality, some areas were a little run down from when I last visited two years ago but I still felt everything was clean and the beds/ pillows are so comfortable! I ended up having an amazing asleep considering I was worried I would be anxious by myself.

Unfortunately the first couple of days my mood was very somber,  I love spending time with my family but I couldn’t help feel like something was missing and that was Justin. Over these couple of days we discovered some amazing shops throughout Seminyak and some great cafes to take my mind off of Justin. After a couple of days had past, I finally loosened up and started having a much better time. My mood was much brighter, the smallest things began to put a smile on my face. There is nothing better then waking up to the sounds of mopeds on the streets and that warm, balmy feeling of the Bali sun on your skin when you step out of your hotel. I started to love every hello you receive as you walk down the street every morning to go exchange more cash to spend more money.

Over out stay we had a few favourites when dining out, every morning we went to a Cafe called Bella Vista in Legian, amazing coffee and lovely people. We also love to dine out at Mozzarellas in Legian, the menu is long and has something for everyone. We also had  a special dinner at Ku De Ta, this is not a cheap place to eat but is the same pricing as what you would spend in Perth but a lot nicer!

During our stay we had a lot of overcast days and periods of rain, our last full day was absolutely beautiful, the sun was shining and the pool was welcoming and all I wanted to do was sip on icey cold drinks. When it gets too warm I would duck into the All Seasons Spa for a balinese massage. When we visited Bali back in August 2014 there was never any cloud cover, so my next trip I will be planning to visit around August again. Bali is great either way but I do enjoy when the sun is out a little more then the gloomy clouded days.

Travelling to Bali feels like a home away from home but there are certainly parts of Bali that can defiantly make me feel down, being unable to brush your teeth using the tap water (it is even harder with Invisalign) and in particular the Bali dogs that are in very bad condition. I try and do my part by donating or buying food for them. I also wonder what its like to live the life of the balinese but then I remember something, we westerners live a very lavish lifestyle and the balinese live a much simpler lifestyle, they may have things harder then us in ways but in life “things” or materialistic objects are not what is important, its how you treat people. I always walk away from Bali not thinking about how little they may have compared to us but how they are the most beautiful and kind people  I have ever met .

This is my 4th trip to Bali and every time I have come here I’ve done it in a different way. I have learnt that it could be very easy to see the negative side to coming to Bali but when I look at the positive they most certainly out way the negative.

Time and time again, Bali steals my heart.

P.S It is now Monday and its my last day of holidays (Noooo)! Our plane on Friday ended up being delayed for 2 and a half hours, I was feeling very unwell and the flight its self was terrible (lots of crying kids and two people had a full argument right on take off). Oh well, glad to be home.

Bali Streets


Bella Vista