I thought it would be interesting to write 50 facts about me that even my family or friends may not know about me. Here they are and I hope you enjoy:


  1. I have a phobia of spewing, this is a big reason why i no longer drink (only one here and there).
  2. I am absolutely obsessed with Christmas.
  3. When i build a house i want a beautiful fire place.
  4. I do not have a purse, my cards sit all throughout my handbag.
  5. I am not a natural blonde (some find this unbelievable).
  6. I suffer from mild anxiety (this is different from being anxious).
  7. I never use to watch youtube, now I am obsessed with it.
  8. I have 5 siblings.
  9. My dad lives in Cairns and my mum lives in Geraldton.
  10. I come from a small town called Lithgow in NSW.
  11. I moved to Geraldton, WA when i was 4 and we drove across Australia to get there.
  12. I love the movies and I will go every weekend if there is a good movie on.
  13. As stated I do not drink frequently or take drugs.
  14. I have a  fear of terrorism and Tsunamis.
  15. When I was in year 1 I spewed in class and was so embarrassed  I faked sick for a week because I was so scared it would happen again.
  16. I have known my best friend for 19 years and there is a lot more to come!
  17. One of my favourite things i love about Christmas, is all the Christmas food packaging.
  18. I have been with my partner for 4 years this year.
  19. I never use to want to have kids, i was dead set against it ( I know I’m only young) I now can not wait.
  20. I want to have two children.
  21. I love living out in the swan valley as its a perfect distance to so many things but i also feel like i live out in the country, best of both worlds!
  22. Im obsessed with Pugs, Pomskys and Pekingese dogs.
  23. I love all animals but I currently still eat meat.
  24. I think of becoming a vegetarian on a daily basis.
  25. I get scared of watching sad movies because I hate crying in front of people.
  26. I participated in Miss Universe WA but i developed anxiety around this time and had to pull out.
  27. I am very passionate about Mental Illness.
  28. I would love to study to be a Psychiatrist.
  29. I got bullied a lot in school and went to three different schools during high school, one which cost my mum a fortune just so she could get me out of public school (thanks bullies!)
  30. I have learnt over time that I would prefer to have a couple of good friends then a dozen distant friends.
  31. I had popular friends but I never considered myself as popular.
  32. I moved to Perth as soon as I turned 18 and never turned back.
  33. I related to guys a lot better then girls when I was in my teens ( no I did not hook up with my guy friends).
  34. I currently live with my partner and his two friends.
  35. I have a beautiful exotic short hair named Yoda, which I adore!
  36. I have travelled internationally to Bali 4 times, Singapore once and travelling Europe and the UK at the end of 2016.
  37. I am very spiritual and believe in ghosts.
  38. I love scary movies!
  39. I use to be very outgoing but have noticed as I am growing up I’m becoming an introvert.
  40. I hate smoking  (sorry to everyone i know who smokes).
  41. I love cups of tea.
  42. I always underestimate myself.
  43. I had a breast augmentation in 2015
  44. I am completely for cosmetic surgery as long as you are doing it for yourself but in saying that its your body so you can do it for whatever reason you like!
  45. I love Leonardo DiCaprio!!!!
  46. I plan on naming one of my children “Gatsby”.
  47. I love Christmas Advent Calendars.
  48. I love watching TV, especially trash/reality shows.
  49. I believe aliens are real.
  50. I love pigs and guinea pigs, anything with a flat nose.

❤️ Sharnee xoxo