Hi Chums!

How is everyone’s 2016 going?

As stated in my about me, I wanted to try something different this year and that being start a little blog for myself and anyone that would like to read it. I know that this is something a lot of people these days are doing but I thought it would be a good way for friends, family, acquaintances or even people I don’t know, get to know me and read about what I’ve been up to.

After having such a complicated 2015, which what felt like I had no time for myself, I feel that this is the right time.

Last year I was in and out of the court room dealing with issues to do with my kitty YODA! Which unfortunately is still proceeding into the new year ( oh well ). Which came with a lot of vet bills and emotionally draining days.


I also did something that I wanted to do for a couple of years and that was to have a breast augmentation. I went through The Cosmetic Institute and will write a blog regarding my experience and the company later down the track, so if that’s something your interested in, then stay tuned!

I also travelled to Singapore which was absolutely amazing. I’ll be doing a travel post on Singapore to give people an insight on what we did and where we stayed.


These were my three biggest milestones last year. Sometimes you need to take the good with the bad as there is always a silver lining! These milestones helped me with my anxiety and taught me how to control my moments of anxiousness.

This year will be another big year and I’m hoping to be travelling parts of Europe and the U.K for my first winter Christmas ( anyone who knows me knows that this is a dream for me).

I hope everyone has had an amazing start to their year!

Until next time…

❤️ Sharnee xoxo