Hi Chums!

My first light hearted post is going to be about the place I love most… My room!

I live with three boys, one being my partner and they are great room mates! In saying that my room feels like my private space, where I love to update myself on the youtubers I watch, catch up on some recorded TV from our Foxtel or just to have a read of my new favourite book!

I have my days where I can be a real home body! My room really is my sanctuary and I often have people comment on where I buy some of this things that fill my room!

My favourite bargains that I have picked up recently was my bed spread. Having animals that come on to your bed, I find its best to go with cheaper alternatives as we have learnt the hard way and had some lovely but expensive bed spreads ruined since bringing little yoda into our family.

The following I have bought at a couple of stores that I love ❤️

Kmart being the most popular amongst us Aussies, you can always get a great deal!

Kmart Queen bed spread – $25.00

Throw rug – Typo about $20.00 on sale!


Kmart Fairy Lights – $7.00

Typo Cushion – $10.00


Zoe Sugg, Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour at the time of purchase was about $20.00 each! These are my current reads while I have been off work.

Conscious Candle Co in  the scent Golden Amber. This was given to me by Justin’s mum so I am unsure of where to purchase this but I must ask because it smells amazing! I’ll always have a candle going while reading or relaxing!


Also a small tree that I purchase around Christmas it was about $7.00 to $10.00 and I love it so much that I’m keeping it up. 😋

Aswell as a Scentsy burner – “Remember to stop & chase the fireflies”. This was given as a gift but they usually range from $35.00 +!


I hope you enjoyed an insight to my bedroom! I am very lucky to have a boyfriend that lets me decorate how I would like. There’s only one thing that could complete this room and that would be a Mac book pro for my favourite game EVER; The sims 4! Maybe one day 😉!

Have a lovely Sunday!

❤️Sharnee xoxo